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A tour of Rowan Oak: William “Wild Bill” Faulkner’s Estate

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Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi: Where Faulkner outranks fiction 2:1

Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi: Where Faulkner outranks fiction 2:1

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Written by Nick

August 20, 2010 at 2:24 pm


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On Wednesday, Lizzie and I will fly to Birmingham, Alabama and begin a week-long road trip across the deep south with our longtime friend Margaret Eby.

After driving 15,000 miles last summer, even the normally intimidating 1,100 or so of this trip seems like a piece of cake. We will unfortunately miss the 50th anniversary celebration of To Kill a Mockingbird in Monroeville, Alabama, since it is a state and a half away from an event we’ll be attending in Clarksdale, Mississippi. But I am excited that our route (as planned) will inscribe an enormous cross on Mississippi – and about the fact that when it’s all over I will have visited forty-three out of America’s glorious fifty states.

A. Birmingham, Alabama: the town of Margaret’s youth and current summer residence.

B. Huntsville, Alabama: home of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. Depending on how our visit goes, it could be a test case for the continuation of the summer of science beyond our lab visits during the summer of 2009.

C. Tupelo, Mississippi: Elvis’s hometown.

D. Oxford, Mississippi: Faulkner’s hometown.

E. Clarksdale, Mississippi: we’ll be just in time to catch The Most Southern Weekend on Earth, a “two-day shindig of Southern music and spirits in the heart of the Mississippi Delta.” Clarksdale is also home to Morgan Freeman’s juke-joint and a great deal of blues history.

F. Holly Springs, Mississippi: the site of Graceland Too – a vast, personally curated house/museum dedicated to whom else but Elvis Presley.

G. Jackson, Mississippi: the present home of Margaret’s parents, we will use Jackson as a temporary base of operations for the rest of the trip. Eudora Welty’s house is also located here.

H. Vicksburg, Mississippi: really the only Civil War battlefield in the deep south – most of the fighting happened either further north in Tennessee or further east in Georgia, South Carolina and Virginia – Vicksburg was the site of Grant’s successful capture of the Mississippi River on July 4th, 1963.

I. New Orleans, Louisiana: no trip to the south would be complete without a stop in New Orleans.

I(a). Oil Spill, Gulf of Mexico: I’m definitely trying to get some photos of the Gulf spill – or, as the case might be, of BP’s attempts to stop people from getting photos of the Gulf spill.

J. Jackson, Mississippi (again): our last stop. Lizzie and I fly out of Jackson for Washington, DC on July 14th.

Stay tuned for photos!

Written by Nick

July 5, 2010 at 7:14 pm